Group: Hanunoo


Idiophone, jaw harp


Made of bamboo; the instrument is held horizontally with the bamboo tongue in front of the opened mouth. The left end is hit by the thumb of the right hand. This makes the bamboo tongue vibrate which causes a sound. The mouth serves as a resonator and by changing the shape and size of the mouth opening, the overtones can be changed, thus creating a melody. By strongly breathing in or out the volume can be changed as well. For a picture of the instrument in use: see the Kubing from the Atta.

Dimensions: length: 14,9 cm., width: 0,8 cm.


Ethnic group: Hanunoo
Location: Mindoro

Similar instruments are played all over the Philippines. We mention:
- Bontoc, North Luzon, Cordillera; (made of brass)
- Atta Manobo, SE Mindanao; kubing
- Maranao, Central-west Mindanao (muslim south), kubing
- Manobo, SE Mindanao; kumbing


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